Jetfi  is a 4G Global pocket Wifi  that  provides 24/7 connectivity while traveling the world. Whether you are a frequent business traveler who needs to be on top of his business anytime, or a holiday traveler who loves adventures and to explore the world with family and friends, Roambuddy is your perfect travel companion!

Take it whenever and wherever you want to go! Simply connect your mobile phone, tablet and laptop to the Jetfi 4G portable Wifi and enjoy unlimited internet connection in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Jetfi  Global  pocket Wifi  works the same way as your Wifi router at home, except that it runs on battery and fits in your pocket to go wherever your itchy feet will take you. And with this single, portable hotspot, you can enjoy unlimited data for up to 5 devices without the need to change your SIM.

It also has a built-in Powerbank for a whole day usage.